Toft Endurance – Peter, Penny and Alexandra Toft

Penny Toft - Fernvale 2006

We are thrilled to be associated with Toft Endurance, operated by Peter and Penny Toft, together with their daughter Alexandra. Their mission statement is simple they are committed to advancing the sport of Endurance, and promoting the athletic qualities of the Arabian horse.

Through years of successful competitions, Peter and Penny identified an opportunity to breed, train and sell Endurance horses not only in Australia, but also to the thriving export market. Their talents and hard work have resulted in them developing an international reputation for excellence in the sport of Endurance and receiving an award as the Queensland Government's Exporter of the Year in 2006. This is, of course, additional to their continued successes as Endurance riders, having been members of the Australian Endurance Team multiple times. They have won a myriad of medals and achieved impressive results, both as Australian Team members and on an individual basis, at such well regarded events as The World Equestrian Games, The President's Cup, Nations Cup and the Tom Quilty to name but a few.

Alexandra Toft

Competitively and commercially, the Tofts have proven themselves to be winners time and time again. Through dedication and sheer hard work, they continue to make an outstanding contribution to the sport of Endurance riding.

Despite their busy schedule, the Tofts are always happy to provide product feedback on products, and to assist us in the development of new items for our growing range. It is this feedback and collaboration that helps us continue to develop products that we know will perform at the highest level of competition and provide the features that assist riders world-wide to achieve their goals.

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