Wendy Schaeffer

Wendy - Cross Country

Wendy is an extremely successful Eventer, who at the age of just 21 became the youngest female 3 Day Eventing Gold Medallist in Olympic History, with her 16 year old horse Sunburst, who she had been riding since Pony Club. This was a very proud moment for Australia and for Wendy.

Just nine weeks before this historic event, Wendy had suffered a nasty fall, receiving breaks to both bones of her lower leg. Despite this, Wendy courageously went on to compete, riding with her leg held together by screws and heavy strapping.  Through her talent and sheer determination, Wendy left no doubt that she was a crucial part of what has been deemed Australia's most successful equestrian team ever.

In recognition of this, the team (consisting of Wendy Schaeffer, Phillip Dutton, Andrew Hoy and Gillian Rolton) were inducted into the Sport Australia Hall of Fame in 2005. This is in addition to Wendy's individual induction in 2002.

Wendy - Dressage

This impressive achievement led to Wendy being awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia in 1997, and the Australian Sports Medal in 2000 in recognition of her contribution to the sport. Some highlights from Wendy's impressive (and continually growing) list of achievements include:-

  • 2002 Mitsubishi Adelaide International Horse Trials - Winner CCI****
  • 2005 Sydney International Horse Trials - Winner CCI***
  • 1992 Gawler Three Day Event - Winner CCI***
  • 1996 Badminton Horse Trials (UK) - 11th CCI****
  • 2004 Punchestown International Horse Trials (Ireland) - Member of Australian Team (1st Placing)
  • 2010 Australian International 3-Day Event - Winner CCI****

Wendy’s high energy lifestyle sees her not only running a very successful Equestrian company, dedicated to the riding and training of Elite Three Day Eventing horses, but also includes an extremely busy (and successful) competition calendar.  In between all of this, she managed to complete a Physiotherapy Degree, a Masters in Animal Physiotherapy and participates in numerous public speaking engagements. 

We don’t know how she finds the time to provide us with product feedback and help us with field-testing new products, but we very much value her input, and we are proud to have Wendy as part of our extended family.

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