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S-Grip Pairs Reins Black/Brown - Full Size

Code: 434127
S-Grip reins are constructed from hard-wearing Zilco material for the front section and billet stays. A rein coupler with finger loop is fitted at the centre.

The carefully constructed weave in the "Supergrip" hand section incorporates a rubberised thread to give good grip in all weather conditions. The weight and feel of the reins is designed for optimum comfort in the driver's hands.

These reins are available as an option in harness sets

Note: This model has black ends with brown grips. For a more traditional look, try the ALL BROWN SGrip reins.

For Pairs Harness
Black with Brown grips
22mm wide hand grips.
Couplings 244cm (96")
Full Size - 508cm (16'8")

* Couplings are measured from the turn on the coupling buckle to the tip of the billet

Rec. Retail: $249.95

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