Pricing and Ordering

Pricing and Ordering Policy

This policy is to be read in conjuction with our Terms and Conditions that may be found in this website. Any visitor to this site who does not hold a Wholesale Trade Account with Zilco is bound by this policy. Wholesale customers are bound by the Terms of Trade that applies to Wholesale Trade Account holders.


  • All Pricing is shown in Australian Dollars including GST, and does not include any handling, postage or freight charges
  • Prices are subject to change at any time, without prior notice
  • We will not change the prices on any order after it has been submitted without your prior consent. We do however, reserve the right to cancel your order in the event of a pricing error.


  • You may purchase products by selecting and submitting your order through this website
  • Prior to placing an order with Zilco, it is your responsibility to read any corresponding written description of the goods, and to ensure that you are satisfied the item is suitable for your requirements and the purpose for which you intend it.
  • Any order placed through this website is an offer by you to purchase a product for the price indicated (including delivery and any other charges, fees and taxes) at the time you place the order
  • Where we provide dimensions and measurements with the description of the goods, it is your responsibility to ensure the actual size of each item is suitable for your purpose prior to submitting your order
  • If we accept your order, we will supply the product to you and send you an email shipment advice. We reserve the right to refuse your order for any reason
  • In certain circumstances, it may be necessary for us to reject your order. In such cases, you will be notified of rejection within a reasonable time after the order was submitted. Any funds received in payment of the cancelled order will be returned through the same method the payment was made.