Deluxe Fleece Bareback Saddle

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Zilco Deluxe Fleece Bareback Saddle - Unmatched Comfort and Convenience!

Experience the pinnacle of riding pleasure with our Zilco Deluxe Fleece Bareback Saddle. Designed to exceed expectations, this saddle is crafted using the finest materials from our renowned Estate range, ensuring unrivalled comfort and performance for both you and your beloved horse.

Synthetic Fleece for Ultimate Comfort:
At Zilco, we understand the significance of comfort during every ride. That's why our Deluxe Fleece Bareback Saddle features a luxurious synthetic fleece seat, providing a soft and cozy experience. To further enhance comfort, the seat is equipped with foam block inserts, ensuring a plush and supportive ride every time.

Effortless Cleaning with Zipper Attachments:
Keeping your saddle fresh and clean is now a breeze! The fleece seat easily attaches to the pad with convenient zipper closures on both the front and back, allowing for effortless removal for washing. Additionally, the foam pads can also be easily detached for quick and simple cleaning.

PVC Mesh Lining for Superior Grip:
We've thoughtfully lined the quilted pad with PVC mesh, providing excellent grip and stability during your rides. Our dedication to ensuring a secure fit means you can ride with confidence, knowing your saddle won't slip on your horse's back.

Tailored Design for Versatility:
The Zilco Deluxe Fleece Bareback Saddle is equipped with a host of features to cater to your unique riding needs. There are 2 PN girth points which measure 25mm that offer a secure and comfortable fit. The saddle also boasts large dee rings on either side, perfect for fitting stirrup straps when desired. Additionally, small dees are strategically placed above the girth points, allowing for easy attachment of a "Y" or Hunting style breastplate. You'll also find a convenient Monkey grip to further enhance your riding experience.

Ride with Confidence:
With Zilco's commitment to quality and innovation, our Deluxe Fleece Bareback Saddle ensures both you and your horse can ride with absolute confidence. The exceptional design and materials used guarantee a perfect fit, regardless of your horse's shape or size. No more worries about saddle fitting - our saddle is engineered to accommodate all horses with ease.

Unrestricted Movement for Optimal Performance:
At Zilco, we prioritize your horse's comfort and freedom of movement. Our saddle's soft and flexible materials ensure no restrictions, allowing your horse to move naturally and perform at their best.

Upgrade Your Riding Experience:
Elevate your riding experience to new heights with the Zilco Deluxe Fleece Bareback Saddle. Trust in Zilco's expertise and invest in a saddle that will revolutionize your riding journey.

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