Jamie Green - Endurance

Jamie Green - Endurance

Age: 25 years
Location: Hendra, QLD

Can you describe your average day?
Most days, I start with a run. I work in property and finance during the week so most days are filled with meetings. Each weekend, I am kept busy with training and/or attending an endurance ride. Each weekend is a bit different, depending on what stage of the season we are at, and training requirements in the lead up to rides. Most of our training is done in the Imbil forestry.

How many horses do you have?

Which horse do you enjoy riding the most, and why?
I have had a few horses over the years that I owe my success to. I currently have a horse called "No Regret Shocking", who is a homebred gelding. His mother is the horse I learnt to ride on. I have enjoyed being involved in his evolution from a foal to now competing at a high level.

What is the best thing about your horses?
Watching the horses evolve, and working as a team in the process.

What are your highest achievements and career highlights to date?
Completing the 2010 Tom Quilty Gold Cup 160km in 8hrs 59mins, and coming 1st Middleweight at the 2017 Queensland State Championships.

What keeps you motivated?
I always want to keep improving, and do better than my last result. My goal is to win the Tom Quilty one day, and also to compete internationally.

Who has been the most influential person in your riding career?
Actually, I have had two people who have been very influential in my riding career - Akhmed Pshunov and Kaylea Maher.

What advice would you offer other riders?
It is easy to get a horse fit, but hard to manage a fit horse.

What is the most used item in your tack room?
My saddle.

Your ultimate goals?
To compete in the World Equestrian Games.